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The Dyson Light Ball

The Dyson Light Ball was provided for review purposes.

Dyson Light Ball

I have a lot of hobbies. Cleaning has never been one of them. I’m willing to go on record now saying it probably never will be. When you’re as cleaning adverse as I am, finding as many ways as possible to make the task easy is mandatory.

Dyson sent me their latest vacuum to see if it could make getting my floors clean a little less painful. The Dyson Light Ball has suction powerful enough to remove dirt and microscopic dust. It also works on hard floors and carpets. Since I have hardwoods in most of my house, with rugs throughout, any vacuum has to easily work on both.

Dyson Light Ball Parts

Straight from the box, there’s a little assembly required. No special tools, though. Everything clicks into place. You don’t even need to read the instructions, since a quick-start pictorial representation is on the card hanging right on the handle. Dyson Head

Start by adding the cleaner head onto the machine base. The ball design makes turning and maneuvering around furniture and other objects much easier than with traditional vacuum cleaner designs. Tight corners? No problem!
Dyson Wand

Next you’ll attach the handle, then press the red button on the hose to slide in the wand. When the machine is upright, the high reach wand easily slides out to give impressive reach for cleaning all of those hard to get to areas.

On Board Attachments

The last step in the assembly process is adding the on-board accessory tools. The crevice tool and my sofa are basically bffs.

Dyson Front

Less than five minutes after opening the box, you’re ready to start cleaning.

Dyson Buttons

Beside the power button, you’ll also find the button to turn the brush head on and off. No leaning down to flip a dial or messing with fiddly pedals needed.

Dyson Cup

So it’s easy to assemble, but how does it clean? Well…that’s just one small room’s worth of vacuuming. Some of that is shedding from the rug in my living room. Some of that is hair. Some of it is dust. Heck…I even saw glitter in there and I couldn’t tell you the last time I used glitter in the living room. All promises of easy maneuverability are met, with the Dyson Light Ball easily twisting and turning to get into tight spaces. Those few spaces that it can’t reach are easily attacked with the wand and on board attachments.

The Dyson Light Ball has whole machine HEPA filtration, capturing over 99% of pollen, mold, and bacteria inside the bin, and the bin is super easy to remove and empty over the trash can with just the push of a button. Anything you’re removing from your floors and furniture is something you’re not breathing in. Supper important when you have allergies like me!

Suggested retail price for the Dyson Light Ball is $389, but it’s currently on Rollback for $319. The vacuum also comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty. It’s a great addition to your cleaning arsenal and definitely makes the process of getting your floors clean a little less painful.

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