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The LG G3 From Sprint

LG G3 from SprintsprintEarlier in the year I gave the LG G2 a spin. It was a pretty cool phone with a lot of great features for the multi-tasker. I liked it so much I gave it to one of you guys. See how much I love you? Now I’ve been checking out the LG G3. And I should probably go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room. This is just on loan so I can’t share. Sorry. Maybe next time?

The G3 has fairly auspicious timing. My personal phone was starting to have some hardware issues and I ended up getting a replacement. While this was getting sorted out the G3 was my go to phone. Just like with the G2, the G3 has no buttons on the bezel. That will take some getting used to, but it’s great for not accidentally hitting something with normal handling.

The G3 has a slightly larger size than the G2, but not so much that it’s readily noticeable. Where will you notice the differences? The camera has digital image stabilization. It has a microSD slot for adding memory. Wireless charging is built in. And the speakers are upgraded.

The user interface is streamlined, leaving behind the cluttery icons for things you don’t actually use. It has an amazing display. And most of important of all, in addition to the Metallic Black, Sprint offers an exclusive option-Shine Gold. What can I say? I care about colors…

Pair your G3 with one of Sprint’s current offers including unlimited talk, text and data for only $60 a month. Yes, that’s right. Sprint has unlimited data. Need more than one line? Check out the Sprint Family Share Packs with flexible data options, including some with 2x the data for a limited time.

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