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The Oh-So-Portable Intel 2 in 1

Intel TravelsIntelI have simple  needs. I need things to be cute, practical and portable. My Intel 2 in 1 meets those needs perfectly. Last month I traveled to Califonia with my Dell Venue 11 Pro. During the day it served as my laptop as I worked on posts, answered emails and checked in with friends. The USB port meant that I could use my wireless mouse-I’m helpless with trackpads. It also meant I could upload the photos from my trip before heading home.

Intel In The BagThe extreme portability also meant it could stash in my bag and go with me wherever I went. And believe me…I was on the go. Even now that I’m home it’s the perfect size to stuff in my purse if I want a change of scenery when I’m blogging. Or whenever I want to take advantage of free coffee shop Wi-Fi.

Dell Venue ProBack at home my 2 in 1 has made itself at home in my craft closet. It’s petite size means it’s not taking away from my work space, but it’s handy when I need it to look up a tutorial or when I need to do a little research to figure out why my latest project is a craft fail. I can even blog as I go along on my newest craft. When I’m finished I just remove the keyboard and the tablet is ready to entertain me with a few games or e-books.

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