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The Samsung Smart Camera With Wi-Fi: Changing The Way I Take Pictures

I was thrilled when I was asked to try out the Samsung NX1100 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 Bundle for this sponsored post. You might have caught me lamenting my recent event photography due to overuse of my phone’s camera and under-use of my DSLR. I would have rushed out the door to buy the bundle the second I got the email about this post if I hadn’t been sitting at another event. (Where I took more really bad photos with my phone while my DSLR sat in the camera bag.)

My first real world challenge for the Samsung NX1100? Last Friday’s blog post. Since I was discussing camera bags I wanted to feature both of my cameras in the photo shoot. The picture of my DSLR was taken with my Samsung and the picture of my Samsung was taken with my DSLR. I’m still too new to photography to discuss this with any level of technical expertise but the Samsung held it’s own.

Plum Head Parrot, Bird, Cage
Impressed by those photos I decided to take my new camera out for the weekend. One thing I don’t like about my DSLR is the size and weight. I was able to take my Samsung camera along in my purse in a small camera bag. (I’m still on the hunt for the perfect protective case for the Samsung-the bag I’m using is actually larger than I need.) I visited a local bird fair and took this picture of an adorable plum head parrot. On the Smart Setting the camera knew to focus on the bird and blur the cage.
Plum  Head Parrot, Zoom, Closeup

In this crop of the same photo you can see just how well the camera captured the bird’s colors and the details of his feathers.

The Smart Setting on the camera really lived up to its name. Even though a goal of mine is to learn to shoot in manual mode, it’s nice that the Samsung NX1100 was able to detect the perfect settings for me and produce amazing pictures.

The camera contained fun extras, too. Magic Frame lets you do things like place your photo in a billboard.

The Smart Filter produces cool effects including one that simulates a Fish Eye lens.

This is a great camera that takes great pictures. But…I already have a great camera. Why did I need a new one? In size and features the Samsung NX1100 beats my DSLR for travel and events. The Samsung weighs in just under a pound with the lens and flash attached. That’s half the weight of my DSLR.

The Wi-Fi feature is where the camera really becomes the perfect travel companion. (And a blogger’s best friend.) I can automatically share my photos as I take them, upload photos later, use my phone or tablet as a remote viewfinder for the camera, store photos in the cloud, email them, back them up on my computer… Basically my new camera can share near DSLR quality photos without needing my laptop and a cable. (Look for the quality of my Instagrams to go up dramatically! Well, in photo quality. Not necessarily in subject quality…)

I would have paid full price for the Samsung NX1100 by itself. It’s that good. But thanks to the #PixBundle available at Sam’s Club I was able to get my camera along with a memory card and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. That’s right…for $599.00 you get the camera, memory card and a tablet! (And I haven’t even mentioned yet that it comes with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom…) If you’re looking for a camera that’s a bridge between your phone and your DSLR, the Samsung NX1100 is perfect. It’s also great if you’re looking to step up from a point and shoot, too. You can see my entire Sam’s Club shopping trip in my Google + Album.

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