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The Ten Glamorous Office Supplies You’ll Want On Your Desk

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Glamorous Office SuppliesThere’s no reason you can’t add a little shine to your desk with these glamorous office supplies. Just hide your name on them in an inconspicuous spot. You don’t want to end up fighting over your stapler!

Glamorous Office Supplies

Polka Dot Stapler

And speaking of staplers, you’ll want to guard one this cutie with your life.
File Folders

Filing was never as pretty as it will be with this collection of letter-sized file folders.


Send emails in style with a rose gold keyboard.

Apple Post It Notes

You’ll have the most coveted Post-It notes in the office with this golden apple dispenser.

Metallic Mouse

Click and scroll in style with this metallic mouse.

Polka Dot Folder

Carry your important papers in an adorable polka dot notebook.

Mouse Pad

This metallic mouse pad is glamorous and practical.

Gold Scissors

You’ll always know which pair of scissors are the “good” scissors with these beauties.

Gold Ink Pens

These gold pens are almost too pretty to use for writing. Almost.

Desk Organizer

And keep it all together with this golden desk organizer.

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Fall in love with your desk with these glamorous office supplies! So much gold...and polka dots!


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