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The World’s Easiest Pulled Chicken Tacos

The world's easiest pulled chicken tacos! I love Mexican food, but I never mastered the pulled chicken tacos I love in restaurants…until now. This is the world’s easiest pulled chicken recipe. And it’s delicious. Seriously delicious.

The world's easiest pulled chicken tacos! Just add a layer of Old El Paso taco sauce to the bottom of your skillet. Add boneless skinless chicken breast and top with more taco sauce and Old El Paso chopped green chilies. Cook over medium heat, turning at least once, until the chicken is cooked through. The best part of this recipe is that you can totally ignore it. Well, mostly. Just peek on it every so often and add water if the taco sauce cooks down too quickly. The world's easiest pulled chicken tacos!Once the chicken is fulled cooked, just use two forks to shred it. After shredding you can toss it again in the skillet with the sauce and chilies for extra flavor.

The world's easiest pulled chicken tacos!These Old El Paso soft taco boats are so easy to stuff and eat! Just cover and pop them in the microwave for a few seconds to warm. Fill with the pulled chicken and your favorite taco toppings!
The world's easiest pulled chicken tacos! You can save on Old El Paso products at Publix! And to treat one of you to a Cinco de Mayo feast of your own, enter my $15 PayPal cash giveaway below!

Good luck! 

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