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Things To Do While You Dye Your Hair

Madison ReedMadison ReedI was born with a medium brown hair color. For a while there I thought I would die with a medium brown hair color. While all my friends started going gray I was still that same medium brown. And then…disaster struck. Grays popped up. One here, two there. Nothing crazy. But because my hair was that medium brown they were shiny and silver and stuck out like a sore thumb. Box dye to the rescue. The more I dyed, the darker I went. I’ve from time to time used the darkest black I could find. Yet those grays kept popping back. They didn’t always take the cheap dye I used. My hair was going ombre-and not on purpose. I certainly wasn’t willing to give up the fight. Enter Madison ReedIt’s salon-quality hair color that’s free of all that bad stuff. No PPD, no resorcinol, no ammonia, and no added parabens. It’s also loaded with the good stuff  like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root. I suppose I should care more about that, right? But honestly, at the end of the day it’s all about how your hair looks. Or for me, all about getting those grays gone. 

The process of using Madison Reed hair color is very different than what you’re used to if you use drugstore dye. You can tell that as soon as you open the box. Sure, there’s the tube of color and activator you might expect. But along with that there’s shampoo and conditioner, two sets of high quality gloves, barrier cream and a wipe. Yes…barrier cream and a wipe. No more dye where it’s not supposed to go. Ammonia-free hair color means no chemical smell. No burning. No itching. Just sit back and relax while the color does its magic.

Things To Do While Dying Your Hair

So what do you do with that 35 minutes of me-time while you wait?

Do your eyebrows! I cannot stress enough how important keeping those eyebrows in check is. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking that you never do your eyebrows I can only say that you probably should. Don’t go crazy, but remember…tweezers are our friends. Eyebrows are the frame to your face.

Break out your spa stash! Grab that mask you never use and throw it on. Have some pore strips in a drawer? There’s nothing better than that moment when you pull off a pore strip and take a peek. Any of those beauty treatments you have and never do? Now is the time.

Clean out your inbox! How many times do you wish you had a moment to read your emails without distraction? Now is that time! You have over half an hour…how many emails can you clear out in 30 minutes?

Madison Reed Before AfterAfter the color has set, it’s time to rinse. Put on that second pair of gloves (that no other dye I’ve ever used provides) and rinse out that dye. Follow up with the included shampoo and conditioner. I used Madison Reed’s Palermo Black, a dark brown with hints of aubergine. Don’t let the fact that I’m way past due for a trim distract you here. My unintentional ombre is gone! The aubergine is super subtle. Nothing that will get you crazy looks in the office. Promise.

Ready to try Madison Reed’s at-home hair color yourself? Use code MRPAMPER to receive 50% off your first hair color experience!

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