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Three Upcycling Ideas for Diet Coke Bottles

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Diet Coke Bottle Projects

If you know me, you know I’m fueled by Diet Coke. It’s my favorite beverage. It's Mine Diet Coke BottlesWhen I heard that Diet Coke was going to release uniquely designed Diet Coke bottles at Kroger stores in February, I was extra excited. First of all…how freaking cool is it to have a Diet Coke bottle that is one of a kind? I can’t even wrap my mind around the technology they’re using to create these special wraps. And, let’s face it. Diet Coke in a bottle is the best possible way to drink it. Why it tastes better in a bottle I couldn’t say. But it does.

With such special bottles, it’s going to be hard to part with the ones that you really love. That’s why I created three fun and extra easy ideas for how you can upcycle those bottles when they’re empty.

Oil Bottle Spout

You can find oil bottle spouts almost anywhere you can find kitchen gear. Take your empty Diet Coke bottle and push in a spout. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind oil dispenser to sit on your kitchen counter. And it took you about five seconds to make it.

Diet Coke Oil Bottle

Of course it’s not just for oil. Those spouts can turn it into a great sink-side soap dispenser, too. Hand soap. Dish soap. Any kind of soap you want to put in there.

Reed Diffuser

Want to turn your Diet Coke bottle into a functional piece of room decor? Try a DIY reed diffuser. Mix about 20 drops of your favorite essential or fragrance oil with about 1/4 cup of carrier oil. Almond oil is great for this since it has very little scent on it’s own. Pour it into your bottle and throw in a few bamboo skewers. That’s it!

Diet Coke and Lamp KitAnd since we’ve only spent about a minute on the first two projects, I think we have time for one more. This one is a little more complicated. It might take you five minutes. And it requires a screwdriver.

Diet Coke Lamp

Bottle lamp kits are available in most places that sell light bulbs. They’re a snap to install and they don’t require drilling into the bottle. Follow the instructions that come with the lamp kit you purchase, since each will be a little different. I do have a few general tips. Add weight to your bottle by putting a few small rocks or sand in the bottom. This will help to keep it upright if someone bumps a table. If the adapters that come with your lamp kit don’t fit the bottle perfectly, take the one that is closest in size and wrap it a few times with a piece of tape. That should help create a snug fit. Finally, since the cord is coming from the top of the socket rather than the bottom of the lamp, use a piece of tape or a glue dot to hold the cord in place down the back of the bottle. Upcycled-Diet-Coke-Bottles
Whatever you do with your Diet Coke bottle, you’ll know that no one else has one that’s quite like yours! Make sure you grab yours quickly-they’re only available for a limited time.

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