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Three Ways To Upcycle Your Kleenex Perfect Fit Container

Kleenex Perfect FitHave you seen the new Kleenex Perfect Fit containers? They’re available now at Sam’s Club…but they won’t be around for long. May 31st, 2015 is their last day on the shelf.
KleenexTheir cool designs and cylindrical shape make them easy to fit into your home. They leave a very tiny footprint. But that same cylindrical shape got my crafty gears turning…Cardboard RingsYou’re just a craft knife away from some pretty sweet cardboard rings. They’re perfect to turn into play bracelets for the little ones. They’re also excellent for a DIY ring toss game. Heck, cover them in a craft sealer and wear them yourself…the designs are pretty cool, right? BankOnce your container is empty it also makes a great bank…no extra steps needed! ShakerRemember the rain stick I made from a water bottle? The Kleenex Perfect Fit container makes a perfect rain stick, too! The pop off the lid and fill the container with packing peanuts and rice. Make sure you cover up the plastic on the lid so everything stays in place. I used washi tape because…I like washi tape. The top will just snap back into place.


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