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Toy Box To Media Cart Hack

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Create a cute and functional media cart that will fit under your desk. It starts with a self-assembly toy box and a little paint. It's a snap to make!The closet that has become my office and craft room is still very much a work in progress. The last week or so has been dedicated to some serious organization and storage overhauls. One of the projects that was finally finished was my under-the-desk media cart.

I needed a place to store my digital cutter and my printer. If I had them on top of my desk they would have taken up too much of my valuable work surface. They’re in such frequent use, though, that I wanted them close at hand. The space under my desk was the perfect spot.

Media Cart SideI picked up a self-assembly toy box for about $15 on a recent shopping trip because I was pretty sure it would be the perfect size. I needed something narrow enough to fit under the desk and still give me leg room, but wide enough to hold my printer.

Inside Media CartI gave all of the toy box’s wood pieces a coat of spray paint and assembled it according to the instructions. Except I left out the front and back panels during assembly.

Scotch ProductsI wanted to add casters to my media cart since I was storing it under my desk. That would make it easy to pull it out if I needed better access-like when I wanted to scan a document. The only problem was that the best location to place the casters was on the particle board on the bottom. The wooden sides were too narrow. Of course even a very short screw would pop right through the particle board. I decided to use Scotch® Permanent Mounting Tape to hold the casters in place. Cutting MatI placed the mounting tape adhesive side down on my cutting mat and used my Scotch® Titanium Utility Knife to cut the tape to size. Casters

Adhering the casters to the bottom of my media cart was easy-just peel and stick. Those casters aren’t going anywhere.

Cart LidThere was a little wiggle in the toy box lid, so I also added a strip of mounting tape on each side to keep the lid in place and to stop the wiggle. Since the lid was going to serve as the top of the media cart, sealing it in place wouldn’t impact the function.

Expressions Masking TapeBecause I don’t know how to leave well enough alone, I also picked up a roll of Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape.Cart SideJust a little extra something-something on the sides of my cart. And it only took a few minutes.

Media Cart EmptyI now have a super cute media cart, but this was more about function than cuteness.

Create a cute and functional media cart that will fit under your desk. It starts with a self-assembly toy box and a little paint. It's a snap to make!

Luckily, it totally functions, too.


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