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Turn Song Cards Into Musical Art

Owl Card

As much as I love getting and giving a greeting card, I know that normally they’re going to end up in the trash. But then there are those greeting cards that are just so special that you can’t toss them out. Hiding them away in a box? That’s not showing that card the love it deserves. Sound cards? I’m looking at you. You’re too much fun to end up in the garbage. That’s why I’m turning you into musical art!
Owl and Rainbow Sound CardI’m obsessed with embellished cards, like these fabric covered cuties from Hallmark. For this project, I’m keeping the front as-is. You could accomplish the same thing with a traditional paper card by cutting out the pictures from the card that you want to keep. Or just use the entire front of the card and keep it simple!

SuppliesTo make your own musical art, you’ll need your card, scissors, foam tape and a surface for mounting your card. I picked up the colorful chalkboard and chalkboard box during my regular shopping trips.

Sound Card Opened

You’ll have to deconstruct your card a bit to remove the musical elements. Carefully cut around both pieces, making sure you don’t snip any wires.

Music Box Tab

The sound is activated by a clear tab that moves when you open the card. After removing the tape from the tab, place it back on the music box. Use foam tape to attach the music box to the back of whatever part of the card you’re keeping to display. Make sure everything is positioned so that the plastic tab is just below the bottom edge of the card.

Foam Tape

Stack foam tape on the back of the card until it’s higher than the music box. Once you’ve stacked enough pieces, position the card on whatever display surface you’ve chosen.

Music Tab

You’ll be able to turn the music on and off by pulling on the plastic tab.

It couldn’t be easier. Really.
Song Card Art Rainbow

And because I love you and Hallmark loves you and we’re basically just having a big ol’ love fest over here…one of you is going to win a pack of goodies from Hallmark!
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