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Turn The Logitech Circle Into A Santa Cam!

Thank you to Logitech for providing me with a Logitech Circle for this post!

I watched my nieces for a few days the week before Christmas. Sure, they have an elf, but I thought my Logitech Circle Camera could serve as backup. I took along the camera (it’s easily portable) and set it up. Once it was ready, I showed them the app on my phone and let them know that Santa could see EVERYTHING.

Most kids would probably think a direct video link to Santa would require them to be on their best behavior. My nieces are not most kids. They decided that Santa needed to see them put on a show. There were funny faces. There were songs. There were many, many times they ran back and forth to the camera and said, “Bye bye!” These girls have never seen a camera they didn’t like, but they really liked the Circle. Watching the footage they created on the app kept them busy for hours!

Creating your own Santa Cam can be done in ONE EASY STEP! In the app visit settings/more settings/camera name. Rename your camera to “Santa Cam” or something similar…and…you’re done!


The Logitech Circle Camera also works well for non-Santa related needs. It can be used as a completely wireless home security camera. Set up from the box only takes a few minutes. If you want to bring it along to another location, setting it up again is just as easy the second time once you hit the reset button.

When my Circle isn’t busy capturing performances for Santa it’s serving as a way for me to keep tabs on my house when I’m away. It’s easy to set up motion alerts on my phone, so I’ll know if anyone stops by. There’s even a time-lapse Day Brief where I can see a full day of activity in just a few seconds!

Logitech wants to give one of you your own Logitech Circle Camera. Just enter below and good luck!
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