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Beaded Flower Ring

This beaded flower ring is easy and fun to make-even if you’re a jewelry making novice!

You’ll need round beads, petal shaped beads, beading wire, adjustable rings, wire cutters and jewelry pliers.

Cut a length of wire and string your petal beads. How many you need will depend on the size of the bead, but six is a good number to try.

Loop the beads on the wire together into a circle. Wrap one end of the jewelry wire around each petal until it’s halfway around the circle. Make sure the wire crosses over on the same side of your circle on each wrap. This will be the back of the flower.

Cross the ends of your wire onto the front of your flower. Thread the round bead through each wire, going in opposite directions. Use pliers to pull the wire taut and set the center of the flower.

Wrap the wire ends tightly around the adjustable ring. This does not have to be neat but it does need to be as smooth as possible as the wire will be in contact with your finger. Take the ends of the wire and twist together with pliers. Use the wire cutter to trim down and tuck the remaining bit of wire between the beads and the ring so that it is not exposed.

Adjust the ring and it’s ready to wear!

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