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Carrot and Bunny Easter Garland

Easy to make Carrot and Bunny Easter Garland Tutorial! I have a few obsessions at the moment. Easter. Bunnies. My Silhouette. Luckily I was able to combine them all with this simple craft. I used seven different sheets of craft paper along with some bakers twine to create an easy carrot and bunny garland. I was able to cut three rows of the bunny and carrot garland on each 12”x12” piece of paper. It was…a lot of bunnies and carrots…

Use a 1/16th hole punch to create the bunny garland.I used a 1/16″ hole punch to punch the holes in each bunny and carrot. You could also set it up to have the Silhouette cut the holes. Don’t worry about lining the holes up perfectly-no one will ever notice!
Thread the garland on baker's twine to hang. The next step is stringing the bunnies and carrots on the baker’s twine. To keep the twine from unraveling I used a bit of glue on the tip. Washi tape is a great way to hang your garland, and it won’t damage most surfaces when it’s removed. You can also use a small bit of tape on the back of the garland if you notice it starting to shift around on the twine.

Easy carrot and bunny garland tutorial for Easter!
Easy Easter decor in minutes!

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