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Chalkboard Masks

Chalkboard MasksIt’s easy and fun to make these inexpensive chalkboard masks-they’d make a great activity for a Halloween party! Or…just throw one on to pretend you’re at a fancy masquerade ball. Your call. I won’t judge.
The only supplies you need for an easy chalk board mask!

All you need to make chalkboard masks is black cardstock, chalk and elastic cord. There’s a minor chance-if you’re like me-that you’ll have all of these supplies at home. Of course it just so happens that I had used up the last of my elastic cord when my nieces visited and were on a bracelet making tear. And I only had white chalk. But, you know…a quick trip to the craft store and about two bucks later and I had everything I needed…It's easy to make DIY chalkboard masks with inexpensive supplies and your Silhouette! I used my Silhouette to cut the masks. The cut file is available in the Silhouette Store. (You could also do this the totally hard and tedious way and cut them out by hand, but why would you want to do that?)
It's easy to make DIY chalkboard masks with inexpensive supplies and your Silhouette! After your masks are cut, just use a 1/16th inch hole punch to make holes in the sides of your masks. Oh! I didn’t list the punch in the supply list. But you have one, right? If not, just find something small like a toothpick to poke your holes. Then string and tie the elastic cord. Two knots are all you need to hold the cord in place. After that your chalkboard masks are ready to color and wear!

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