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Custom Sharpie Mug

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #StaplesBTS

Metallic Sharpie MugIf you know me, you know I love back to school season. It’s the best time to stock up for the year on all kinds of organizational and crafting goodies. Sharpie markers are probably my favorite office supply. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Sharpies are the duct tape of the marker world. They’re good for everything.

Sharpie MarkersAnd those packs with black, red and blue from my childhood? They’re a distant memory with the crazy variety of colors available. Seriously-if you can name a color, there’s a Sharpie to match. And tips…don’t even get me started on the tips. Medium, fine, ultra fine…there’s any size you could need. But let’s stop waxing poetic about the fabulosity of Sharpie markers and actually use them.

Did you know you can write on a coffee mug with your Sharpie and actually use it? You know, wash it and everything? Seriously. Pretty cool, right? OK, fine. You’ve seen the pins. But have you seen anyone use the metallics on ceramics? Yeah…thought not. (OK, fine. You may have seen that, too. Let me pretend for just a second I’m an original, mmmkay?) Oh, and this make a super awesome gift, too…

Mug with StencilI made a little stencil with vinyl and my Silhouette, but you could totally free hand something. I made a bunny pattern. I know…me…bunnies. Shocking, right? But cute, too?

Metallic Sharpie Bunny MugI’ve been looking for a reason to buy the metallic Sharpie pack, and when I found it on sale at Staples it was the perfect excuse. Just draw on whatever design you want with your Sharpie markers. Cheaper mugs actually work better for this. Something about the cheap glaze letting the marker bake in? Let the design sit for a while to set up. At least a day is ideal.

Place the mug in a cold oven and turn it on 350 degrees. Let it preheat, then bake for half an hour, then turn off the oven and let it cool with the door shut for at least 15 minutes.Metallic Sharpie Mug

Once the mug is cool it’s ready to use. Of course I took mine out and wrote on it. And I baked it again. I kind of feel like I want the letters to be bolder so I’m probably going to repeat this. Again. I tend to over-embellish. It’s a curse. The bunnies aren’t perfect, but I sort of think they look like real metallic leaf now. Pretty nifty.

I’m using my mug for desk storage, rather than as something to drink from. That should keep the design looking great for a long time to come since it will need minimal washing. I did wash it, though. By hand. It looks the exact same. Promise. Totally cute organizing, right? Must resist urge to Sharpie all the things. Sharpie PrecisionStock up on Sharpie Fine and Ultra Fine markers and highlighters while they’re on sale at Staples. Prices are good while supplies last!


Updated MugYeah…told you I wasn’t finished with it…


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