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DIY Candy Fairy Costume

CB DisclosureCandy Fairy Costume #SweetOrTreat #Cbias #shop

Everyone knows Halloween and candy go hand in hand. And yes, eating candy is one of the joys of the season. But…why not wear your candy, too? I created a super easy Candy Fairy Costume using the Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam’s Club. Bonus: You’ll have tons of candy left over to eat. Or hand out to Trick-Or-Treaters. Or eat. I mean, really…do your Trick-Or-Treaters deserve a full size bag of Skittles or pack of Starburst? I think not. 

An extra bonus with this costume? It’s totally made up of accessories. That means you can pair it with whatever clothes you’d like. Perfect if you live in an area like me where it’s just as likely to be freezing as it is to be roasting on Halloween night.
Candy Fairy Costume Supplies #SweetOrTreat #Cbias #shop

I picked up some wings, a wand, a bucket and a few butterfly decorations from the dollar store. Along with some hot glue and parchment paper you’re set. (Oh, and a little bit of elastic and tulle of you want to make the bucket skirt pictured near the end of this post.) Candy Fairy Head piece #SweetOrTreat #Cbias #shop The secret to using hot glue on the wings and other decorations I picked up is parchment paper. Just lay down a piece of parchment paper, plug in your hot glue and get to work. The hot glue will seep through the thin material, but it will pop right off the parchment without sticking.

These butterflies had metal twists on the back that can be used to secure them to a pony tail, or you can just hot glue them on a barrette or clip. Candy Fairy Wings #SweetOrTreat #Cbias #shop How many Skittles you use and where you put them is totally up to you. Keep in mind that if you cover the entire surface it’s going to be pretty darn heavy, so…less is more.

The weight of the Skittles on the wings actually made them do a pretty cool bouncy, fluttery motion. It was a really neat happy accident. Candy Fairy Wand #SweetOrTreat #Cbias #shop And definitely keep the weight in mind when you’re working on the wand. Let’s face it. The wand will be used for bonking everyone over the head by the end of the night. Or at least those who get in the way of your little candy fairy. Candy Fairy Candy Bucket  #SweetOrTreat #Cbias #shop Speaking of your fairy, she’s got to have a way to take home her loot. I used a basic Halloween pail and hot glued Starburst around the top edge.

Candy Bucket #SweetOrTreat #Cbias #shopI then took some tulle and tied it around a piece of elastic. I hot glued that just under the Starburst border. I also replaced the black plastic handle with a piece of ribbon.

Candy Fairy Costume #SweetOrTreat #Cbias #shop

Even if your little person is not quite old enough to handle a hot glue gun, they can still join in the fun by helping you pick out which candy to glue next.

Stock up on all of your Halloween candy needs in the candy aisle of your local Sam’s Club!

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