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Duct Tape Gift Bag and Summer Beauty Gift

CB DisclosureDuct Tape Summer Gift Bag #WalgreensBeauty  #shop I’m playing with duct tape again. You know how much I love duct tape. This roll has been crying out for a craft and I finally figured out what to make-a super cute gift bag! You can find fun duct tape patterns and colors at Walgreens…and you can pick up some fun summer beauty goodies to stuff inside. It’s the perfect “it’s almost the end of summer but it’s not over yet” gift! Make Duct Tape Sheets #WalgreensBeauty  #shop

Create duct tape sheets by laying out strips of duct tape that slightly overlap on your cutting mat. Carefully flip over the sheet of tape and cover the back with more strips of tape. You’ll need four rectangles of equal size to create the sides, then a square to create the bottom.

Assemble Duct Tape Piece  #WalgreensBeauty  #shopAssemble the bag by attaching the four sides to the base. I used a contrasting blue tape for the base and to attach the pieces to each other. Use a craft knife to cut the blue tape in smaller pieces to secure the sides-it will look like piping.

Duct Tape BagUse the smaller pieces of tape on the inside and outside of the bag to secure everything. Also add a strip of tape around the top to finish things off. Duct Tape Summer Gift Bag #WalgreensBeauty  #shop You can even add pieces of tape folded in thirds to use as handles!

Banana Boat #WalgreensBeauty #shopSo what goes in your new gift bag? How about giving the gift of healthy skin. Look for Banana Boat Protect & Hydrate or Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance Lotion. Check out the Mark Hill Fabulous Finish Spray and their other hair styling products. Any why not throw in some summer beauty picks from Revlon. Buy $20 in beauty and personal care between now and the end of the month and you can snag a free travel size makeup brush set. (Just print out the coupon!)

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