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Easy Duct Tape Bunting

Small CB DisclosureMake and easy and fun bunting from glitter duct tape! It only takes a few minutes to complete.  #HerHealth #CollectiveBias #shopI have the secret to health and happiness. Are you ready for it?

Love What Loves You BackSee…it’s that simple. Love what loves you back. OK, maybe it’s not that simple. Obviously, genetics play a part. And you have to take care of yourself. Healthy habits are important. But a huge part of taking care of yourself is taking care of your emotional health. One thing I’ve realized lately is how happy creating things can make me. Buying craft supplies and completing projects is what keeps me going.  Crafting is my happy place. And crafts love me back in more ways than one. Yes, they make me happy. But they also make my blog happy. When I look at what drives traffic to my site it’s people coming to visit for tutorials and recipes. Crafts and cooking are what you guys like. So why am I not doing more of it on my blog?

Well…I’m working on it. I’ve been trying to do more craft tutorials. Because it’s what makes me happy and it’s what keeps you guys visiting. It’s a win/win. One of the reasons I haven’t done as many craft tutorials as I’d like is because I tend to do big projects. Projects that can be done in a few weeks. Not a few hours. And definitely not ones that can be done in a few minutes. So I’m working on changing that. Not every project has to take days. Like this easy Duct Tape bunting. It only takes a few minutes! Vitamins and Glitter Duck TapeYou can also find the supplies at Walgreens. That means when you’re picking up your vitamins, prescriptions or a new tube of mascara you can also pick up glitter duct tape. Feeling crafty? Stop by the aisle with office and school supplies. You might be surprised by what you can find!

Glitter Duct TapeWhen I’m working with duct tape I like to use my self-healing mat. It gives me a grid for measuring and the tape is easy to peel off of the surface. If you don’t have a self-healing mat, just make sure you use a surface that can’t be damaged by the tape. Start by lining up your tape. You can make your bunting any size, but I started with 10 inch pieces of tape. Fold duct tape over twine to make bunting.Carefully fold the tape in half over twine, yarn, etc. Space each piece of tape an equal distance apart.  Trim edges and notch the ends to create duct tape bunting.Once you’ve folded over all of the tape, trim the edges so that they’re even. Cut a notch from the bottom of the first piece of tape. After you cut the first notch you can use the triangle shaped scrap as a template for the other pieces of tape.

Make and easy and fun bunting from glitter duct tape! It only takes a few minutes to complete.  #HerHealth #CollectiveBias #shopThat’s it! Your bunting is ready to hang in just a few minutes. Women's HealthYou can find all sorts of things to keep you happy and healthy at Walgreens. Look for this special Women’s Health display. Healthy body AND sound mind? That’s the goal! Stay in touch with Walgreens on Facebook and Twitter.

#HerHealth #CollectiveBias
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