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Easy Paper Pinwheels

Make crazy easy paper pinwheels with your Silhouette!

Silhouette DisclosureI was ready to do a few vinyl projects with my Silhouette this week. But if you know nothing else about me, know that I’m easily distracted. When I was picking up things at the craft store I found pink and black cardstock on the clearance shelf. I suddenly became obsessed with the idea of making pinwheels.
Make crazy easy paper pinwheels with your Silhouette! Everyone made pinwheels as a kid. It’s not a hard craft, after all. You could cut all of the pinwheels by hand, but why do that when your Silhouette can make it so much easier? Iused Silhouette Studio to create my pattern. To make a perfect square just hold down the shift key when using the rectangle tool. I then used the line tool to make an X in the square and erased the middle. Once I grouped everything I was able to copy and paste as many pinwheels as I wanted. That meant everything would be exactly the same size. These pinwheels are pretty standard, but there are some really fancy pinwheels available in the Silhouette store.

An “I’m an idiot” update: a basic pinwheel cut comes free with your Silhouette. So…use that. And…carry on. Oy!
Make crazy easy paper pinwheels with your Silhouette! Since this was card stock, I used my craft knife to poke holes for the brads. Aren’t the little button brads totally cute? I was shocked by the variety of brads I found in the scrapbook aisle. Helpful tip: if you’re making pinwheels with cardstock, pick a bigger brad. I was planning to do double layered pinwheels and these brads were just too small.

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