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Easy Washi Tape Letters

I’ve been obsessed with collectiong washi tape from the moment I found out it was available at Target. (In the office supply aisle.) Then I found out it was available at Michael’s. (Usually on a center aisle end cap.) I now have a pretty impressive collection of washi tape…

washi tape, letter, tutorial

Of course having a bunch of washi tape isn’t going to do me any good unless I actually use it! I decided to start off easy and use my tape to decorate a letter for my craft room door. Getting started was easy enough…just cover the letter in straight pieces of the tape. (If you haven’t used washi tape before, it’s very similar to blue painters tape. It goes on and off very easily which makes fixing any goofs a breeze.)

Washi Tape, Curved Areas, Tutorial

Use an X-ACTO knife to notch around the edges when you’re taping around a curve. (You can use scissors if that’s all you have, but you will have a harder time getting in close.)

Washi Tape, Finished Edges, Tutorial

The curved areas left some gaps which can be covered up with small bits of tape. It’s a very forgiving process. This will give the sides a finished look.

Washi Tape, Letter, Tutorial, Finished Product

Such a fun and easy project that only takes a few minutes to complete!

Washi Tape, Craft Room, Door, Tutorial

Have you tried washi tape yet? What ideas do you have for fun washi tape projects?

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