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Easy Wine Christmas Tree

Wine Christmas TreeKenwoodI have a confession. Thanksgiving is next week and I’m in full on Christmas mode. I can’t help it. I love the holidays. All of them. But Christmas is my favorite. It does not mean I’m not a thankful girl. I’m totally thankful, promise. And I’m gonna spend next Thursday with my family appreciating my blessings like no one’s business. It’s just that I’ve already started to pull out my Christmas decorations. And I’m thinking about Black Friday. Don’t worry, Thanksgiving, I promise I still love you. That said, I’m bringing a Christmas Tree bottle of Kenwood Vineyards wine to the Thanksgiving table. Sorry, not sorry.Kenwood Vineyard

The hardest part of making this tree? Picking out the wine. I’m a red wine sort of girl, so the Kenwood Pinot was the obvious choice. And by obvious I’m saving my favorite for last. That’s not to say the Zinfandel and Chardonnay weren’t totally enjoyed. They were just enjoyed in a different way-as in drinking them while decorating for the holidays! I loved the raspberry and vanilla notes of the Zinfandel. I always think of Chardonnay as more of a summer wine, but the apple notes make it perfect for fall, too. Plus it’s great on those warmer days we’re still getting here from time to time.  The Pinot Noir is going to go perfectly with all of the pasta I’ll be gobbling down this Thanksgiving. Vegetarian girl problems-no turkey.

Star on Wine TreeNow that we’ve had a few glasses of Keywood Vineyard’s wine, let’s start by putting a star on your tree. Or the star ornament on your wine bottle as the case may be. I know traditionally the star is the last step, but here, putting on the star helps you figure out how to line up the lights. If it doesn’t want to stay put, a strategically placed piece of tape can help.

LED Battery LightsNow it’s time to string on some battery powered LED lights. Yet again, tape is the hero. Just place a few pieces as needed in the back if the lights won’t stay put.

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

Wrap up the battery pack as a Christmas gift, making sure to leave open the end with the controls so you can turn the lights on and off. That’s all there is to this quick and easy craft that make a cute addition to your holiday table!

Sonoma Valley’s Kenwood Vineyards produces premium wines with grapes sourced from dozens of vineyards, including ones who practice sustainable farming. This year they celebrate the spirit of the season by donating $25,000 to WhyHunger. WhyHunger is a leader in the movement to end hunger and poverty by supporting grassroots solutions that inspire community empowerment and connecting people to nutrition and affordable foods. You can find out more and donate at the Kenwood Holiday Food Drive.

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