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{Tutorial} Etched Glass Votives

Everyone has a craft or two or ten that they’ve wanted to try but just haven’t gotten around to. Yet. For me glass etching was on that list.
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Thanks to a box of goodies from Plaid, glass etching is now on the list of things I’ve tried and will do again. I received several items from Martha Stewart’s Glass Etching collection. (I also got a few other glass themed goodies that I’ll be trying soon!)
I picked up inexpensive glass votives for under a dollar each. The etching cream came with the small brush. The only other thing I needed was thin craft tape. (I pulled some washi tape from my craft stash.)
Striping the glass was easy. I used a small piece of the tape to help with spacing. (I was actually using the same piece over and over so there was very little waste.) It doesn’t have to be perfect…no one will know but you! You can play with different widths of tape for a fun look. Just make sure the tape is securely pressed onto the glass so that no etching cream can seep through.

Coating the votive holders felt a bit like coating them with caramel. It was thick and had a caramel color. (I expected the etching cream to be white and I was worried there might be something wrong!) I wore gloves for this process and used paper plates to hold the votives while they sat. (Don’t use real plates…the cream can etch them!) After 15 minutes (well, actually more, I got distracted…) I washed off the etching cream and removed the tape. I wore gloves for this process as well.

Despite any concerns that Martha Stewart was quietly laughing at me coating taped votives with caramel, my etching turned out perfectly!

Of course when you light the candles, that’s when things really look amazing!

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