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Etched Light Bulb Vase

Easy tutorial for etching a craft store bulb vase. When I spotted the cute little light bulb style vases in my craft store I knew I wanted to use them in a project. When I remembered the leftover etching cream in my craft stash, I had an idea. etched bulb with stencilI made a stencil using contact paper and my Silhouette machine. (Use speed of 8, thickness of 3, blade setting of 1.) You can accomplish the same thing without a Silhouette by using the backing from letter stickers.

Placing the stencil on the bulb is a little challenging, but relatively simple once you get the hang of it. Just focus on the letters and don’t worry about getting the other parts smooth.

Bulb Vase with Etching CreamI covered the letters with etching cream and waited. And…nothing. Oops! The etching cream just removed the blue paint that was on the outside of the vase. Never one to let a craft fail hold me back, I tried again. I rubbed off the rest of the blue paint with some steel wool and repeated the steps.Etched Light BulbSuccess! I knew etching that bulb would be a good idea!

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