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Everlasting Cake with Bunting

Make and everlasting "fake cake" with Collage Clay. You can even change out the bunting on the same cake! Plaid Disclosure  is the main ingredient for Decoden. (That’s the art of decorating anything with lots and lots of trinkets.) When my latest box of craft supplies arrived, I was totally thinking of doing a traditional Decoden style craft. The “cake frosting” appearance turned my head, though, and I became obsessed  with the idea of making a decorative “everlasting cake”. When I mentioned the idea of said fake cake to a friend, her immediate response was, “Why on earth would anyone make a cake you can’t eat?” Umm…because it’s adorable? Because it makes a cute party table decoration? Because I want to? But seriously, spend your time making a cake like this and use it as part of your party decor…then just serve cupcakes or cakepops, which are totally easier to make pretty. Apply Spackle to create the base for your "fake cake". I started by giving a Styrofoam cake form a coating of Spackle. You could actually use your Collage Clay for this, but I wanted to ensure I had enough to complete my project so I went for the Spackle. Once I had everything covered I gave it a quick sanding to make sure the edges are smooth. The surface was a bit irregular in spots. But hey, so is butter cream and fondant, right? Decorate your "fake cake" with Collage Clay piping. Once I was mostly happy with my cake surface, I used my Collage Clay to pipe on some “frosting”. I started out with a different tip, but then I remembered I’m pretty horrible at decorating real cakes, and I shouldn’t assume that a fake cake would be different. I switched over to the star tip. Also known as the training wheels of cake decorating. Decorate your "fake cake" with Collage Clay and the star tip. I piped around the bottom of the cake form while it was sitting on a piece of parchment paper. After allowing it to sit overnight, I removed the parchment paper and gave the cake form another day of dry time with it sitting on a bowl. That allowed the Collage Clay on the bottom to dry completely.

Use Mod Melts and an alphabet Mod Mold to create the perfect letters for your bunting!An alphabet Mod Mold allowed me to create perfectly formed letters for my bunting. I used metallic gold Mod Melts, but they come in a variety of different colors and the molded pieces can be painted. Make sure your glue gun is on the high heat setting. If your Mod Melt goes over the edge a bit, just trim it up with scissors.

Make and everlasting "fake cake" with Collage Clay. You can even change out the bunting on the same cake! I used bamboo skewers to create my bunting stakes in the cake. The best part of this is that you can use it over and over for different occasions. Same cake, different bunting! Baby Shower. Happy Retirement. Bon Voyage. You get the idea… When it’s time to party, you can always bring the cake.

Make and everlasting "fake cake" with Collage Clay. You can even change out the bunting on the same cake!It looks good enough to eat, right? Just remember…Collage Clay is not recommended for children ages 12 and under, and the product is not edible. Small parts are a choking hazard for children. So, you know…no matter how delicious it might look you shouldn’t cut yourself a slice.DecodenTake a look at some of the fun things you can make with Collage Clay! You should check out The Plaid Palette blog, sign up for their newsletter, and follow them on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google+! You can also win a ton of goodies to help you get your Decoden on! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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