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Glitter Stenciled Keepsake Box

Mod Podge Rocks Stenciled Keepsake BoxI have a confession. Glitter and I have a total love/hate relationship. I love things with glitter. I’m not a huge fan of creating things with glitter. Glitter gets everywhere. I never shy away from the chance to try out new craft goodies, though. And I love working with Mod Podge…

Mod Podge Rock Stencils


The new collection of stencils from Mod Podge Rocks! are made specifically to work with Mod Podge and glitter. (Or grainy things like sand.) I used them to decorate an inexpensive wooden box from the craft store. Chevron Mod Podge StencilGently remove the stencil from the backing and place on the surface you’re planning to decorate. Make sure the stencil is securely attached by smoothing it down.
Chevron Stencil with Mod PodgeUse a spouncer to apply Mod Podge over the stenciled area. Remove the stencil while the Mod Podge is still wet. Mod Podge Rocks Podgeable GlitterUse the Podgeable Glitters to apply the glitter directly to the wet Mod Podge. The little puffer makes it easy to control the glitter. (You can even unscrew the cap to reuse the extra glitter from your project!) Polka Dot Glitter with Mod Podge Rocks StencilsAnd repeat until your box is completely decorated. (I brushed Mod Podge around the rim of the box to completely cover it with glitter.) Cheveron Glitter Mod Podge Rocks Chevron Stenciled Glitter

Mod Podge Rocks! stencils come in a variety of decorative designs like chevron and polka dots. And the podgeable glitters are amazing. (If they don’t start selling those little glitter puffers empty so that you can add the glitter you already own they’re missing out on a golden opportunity!)Stenciled Keepsake Box with Mod Podge Rocks Stencils A dry paintbrush is super helpful in brushing off excess glitter. I used parchment paper to help transfer the extra glitter back into the puffer. The stencils can be reused-just place them back on the backing sheet and clean with warm water while the mod podge is still wet.

Thanks to Amy (from Mod Podge Rocks) and Plaid for sending me the stencils, spouncers and glitters to try out!

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