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Inside Joke Canvas Art

I made these inside joke canvas gifts thanks to Poise® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #LifesLittleLeaks

Make super fun inside joke canvas art for your best friends! #LifesLittleLeaksI want to talk about a some of my besties. Specifically the ones that are scattered across the country. We manage to see each other a time or two each year. I’m not actually sure when I’ll see them all next, and that pretty much makes me want to ugly cry. I miss my girls. But this isn’t about crying. It’s about laughing. Because that’s what they do. They make me laugh. Every. Single. Day. (Bless you, social media.) It’s why whenever we get together, it’s vital to pack your Poise. Let’s face it. LBL is going to happen.Make super fun inside joke canvas art for your best friends! #LifesLittleLeaks

These girls make me do things. Things like sing karaoke while totally sober or dress in bunny pajamas out in public. If you’re going to be stuck overnight in an airport, they’re the ones you want by your side. Need to bury a body? They’re the ones you would call. By the way, all of these things are real examples. Except one. I’ll let you decide which one never happened.

We share a few million inside jokes, like any group of friends should. When I started thinking about the holidays, I wanted gifts that would make them laugh until they peed. It’s OK. Poise Microliners are the thinnest liners available for light bladder leakage. I can make them all giggle-snort, guilt-free.

I thought of a few quotes that were sure to crack them up, then I set about turning those quotes into mini inside joke canvas art pieces. Picking out what you want them to say is the hardest part of this whole project.

Start your inside joke canvas art by painting the edges of your gallery wrapped canvases. #LifesLittleLeaksStart by painting the edges of your gallery wrapped canvases. I used metallic gold because…I like gold. It’s going to take a few coats. I think I ended up with at least three coats on there, probably more. Even though we’re covering up the tops make sure you get a good coat all the way around the edges.

Make super fun inside joke canvas art for your best friends! #LifesLittleLeaksNext, add your base paper to the top of your canvas. The glitter paper I used had a coating on the bottom. I used multiple coats of decoupage medium to get this to stick since it was less porous than regular paper. If you’re using regular paper you can probably get away with one or two coats. Inside Joke Canvas Art WordsI used my digital cutter to create the top layer. If you don’t have one, you can still make this. Just print out your sayings on the paper and then carefully trace the letters with a craft knife. A combination of glue stick and more decoupage medium secured the top layer to the bottom layer. I then applied multiple additional coats of decoupage medium to the top to seal everything. Make super fun inside joke canvas art for your best friends! #LifesLittleLeaksAnd because I’m a girl with no concept of when to stop a project, I finished off the edges of everything with glitter tape. And more decoupage medium. Have I mentioned the glitter stuff isn’t porous and this took twice as long as it needed to because everything needed a million coats? It’s OK, though. My girls like their sparkles and they’re worth it. I still stand by calling this an easy project…it’s just going to take extra time if you go the glitter route because of all of the extra coats you’ll need.

Make super fun inside joke canvas art for your best friends! #LifesLittleLeaksI guarantee you’ll have fun making these. Just make sure your friends are prepared with SAM (Super Absorbent Material) in their pants before they open your gifts. Poise will help them manage life’s little leaks with confidence. Even the little leaks that are totally your fault.

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