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{Tutorial} Kate Spade Inspired iPod Case

At the risk of being told I was in a duct tape crafting rut I was too inspired to save this for another week!

Kate Spade inspired Duct Tape iPod Case

I love the Kate Spade cover I purchased for my iPod but I wanted something to keep it in when it’s in my purse. I already had the black and white tape from my duct tape iPad case. I thought I could recreate the Kate Spade design for my iPod.

The basic construction of the case is the same. Measure and cut bubble wrap to cover your device. Spray the flat side of the bubble wrap with adhesive spray and secure fabric to create the lining. Trim the edges.

Cover the other side of the bubble wrap with black duct tape. Working on a cutting mat makes this process really easy-the tape comes off with no problems.

Seal the edges, starting with what will be the top of the case. Then fold in half and seal the sides with more duct tape. If any edges need to be neatened up just add more duct tape!

Create the white stripes by placing the duct tape on the cutting mat. Use an X-ACTO knife to create cuts in varying widths. Make sure you cut stripes long enough to make a clean run around the entire case.

Duct Tape, iPod, Strides, Kate Spade

Wrap the tape around the case in a random pattern. Start and end with the tape overlapping near the same edge to keep things neat.

Super easy and super cute-and my iPod is now protected in my purse!

Kate Spade, Duct Tape, iPod, Case, Tutorial

What are you crafting with duct tape?

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