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Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls

DIY Wool Dryer Ball Tutorial
Dryer sheets are loaded with toxic chemicals. You can naturally soften your laundry and reduce static by using wool dryer balls instead.
Weighing Wool Roving, Wool Dryer Ball Tutorial

Dryer balls area easy to make. Take wool roving and roll into a tight ball shape. (If you do not have a local source for wool you can purchase roving online. I bought mine from Paradise Fibers.) You’ll want to create a ball between three and four ounces in size. A kitchen scale can be helpful here to make sure you’re making a large enough ball. (Your ball will shrink a substantial amount during the felting process.)

Dryer Ball, Wool Yarn, Wrap

Once you have created your ball wrap it tightly with wool yarn. (It’s important to use 100% wool yarn for this.)

Dryer Ball, Nylon, Stocking, Wet Felt
Place your balls inside a stocking or pair of tights. Using one with runs is fine. I purchased inexpensive knee highs from the dollar store for this. Tie off each ball in the stocking with a piece of string. (Do not use wool yarn for this as it can felt to the ball during the process and make it difficult to remove.)
DIY Wool Dryer Ball Tutorial
Use your washing machine’s hot cycle to wet felt the balls. Once they are finished dry them on high heat. They will shrink and become firmer during this process. It’s recommended you use at least six or more balls in your dryer to receive the maximum benefit. In addition to reducing static and softening clothes, dryer balls will help your laundry dry much faster and reduce your energy costs!
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