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{Tutorial} Making Glitter Goop With Borax

Borax is all natural and does an awesome job as a laundry booster. You should totally have some on hand at all times for super clean clothes. But what I’m here to talk about is Goop. (And not that pretentious Gweneth Paltrow website.)

All you need is borax, water, glitter, food coloring and school glue!

Mix 1/2 cup of school glue with a half cup of water. Add in food coloring and glitter and make sure everything is completely combined.

Take a teaspoon of Borax and mix with a 1/2 cup of water in a separate bowl. Take the Borax mixture and slowly stir it into the glue mixture. Almost instant slime!

OK, sure. I totally didn’t add the glitter until later. Learn from my mistakes, people. Add the glitter to the glue mixture.
So you’re thinking you want to make your own glitter goop, right? I can get you started. Three of you will win a coupon for a free box of Borax! (You’re on your own for the water, glitter and glue…) Just enter in the easy RaffleCopter form below!
Don’t forget to enter the Borax Fresh Year, Fresher Laundry Sweepstakes! (Oh yeah, I guess you could use it as a laundry booster…you know, if you wanted to do laundry.)
I received the Borax from Purex Insiders. They are also providing the coupons for the winners.

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