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Mary Poppins Inspired Chocolate Spoons

Mary Poppins Inspired Chocolate SpoonsI’m beyond excited for the movie Saving Mr. Banks. I’ve always loved Mary Poppins, so I can’t wait for this peek behind the scenes!

Of course the movie won’t be out until December…so while I’m waiting I decided to make Mary Poppins inspired chocolate spoons. (After all, a spoon full of sugar is good for lots of things, not just medicine!)

Milk Chocolate dipped spoonsStart by melting milk chocolate chips in the microwave or a double boiler. (If using the microwave remember to use half power.) Once your chips are melted just dip in your spoons to cover them, shaking off the excess chocolate. (You can use plastic spoons for this.) Place them on a candy mat, parchment or wax paper and place in the freezer until set.

White chocolate filled spoonsRepeat the process with white chocolate chips, except this time you’ll want to spoon the white chocolate into the bowl of the spoon. (If you dip them the milk chocolate will melt off into the white chocolate.)

Red Candy MeltsTo decorate the spoons you’ll use red candy melts. You can decorate using a small candy squeeze bottle or a plastic piping bag. (If you use the plastic bag make sure your candy melts aren’t too hot!)

White Dress inspired chocolate spoonsI decorated my spoons using inspiration from Mary Poppins iconic white dress with red ribbons. Once the spoons are set they’re ready to stir in your favorite hot beverage. (Or you can just eat the spoon like a lollipop-I won’t judge!)





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