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Monsters University Mike Wazowski Lollipops

Mike Wazowski Lollipops

What better way to treat  your little Smartie than with a Mike Wazowski themed lollipop? Your kids will love this sweet treat that features one of their favorite characters. It’s great idea for trick-or-treaters, too!

Smarties, Mega Double Lollies, Craft, DIY, Monsters UniversityYou’ll need Smarties Mega Double Lollies, lime green tissue paper, twine, hole punches and your choice of materials for the eyes. (I used contact paper and washi tape, but you could easily create this with construction paper and a glue stick.) I was sent a huge box of Smarties goodies last week and thought the flat top of the Mega Double Lollies would be perfect for this. You could adapt this to idea for the lollipop of your choice.

Tissue Paper, Lollipops, Monsters UniversityStart by cutting the tissue paper into a square. For the Smarties Lollies you’ll need approximately a 5″ square. (Adjust the size accordingly if you choose a different lollipop.) You’ll want to double the tissue paper so the label doesn’t  show through.DIY, Monsters University, Craft, LollipopsWrap the tissue paper around the top of the lollipop and secure with twine.

Lollipops, Craft, Monsters University, DIY, Punch holes out of white contact paper using a 1 inch hole punch. (I happened to already have white contact paper around. You could also use any type of white paper and attach with a glue stick.) Mike Wozawski LollipopsPeel off the backing and attach the circles to the top of your lollipops.Monsters University, Craft, DIY, Mike, Lollipops

I had solid washi tape on hand, but again you could do this with a piece of construction paper and a glue stick. To make stickers with washi tape just place the washi tape on a piece of parchment paper. Then the tape is ready to punch with a 1/2 inch hole punch. The washi tape should peel easily from the parchment paper.Mike, Lollipops, Monsters University, Tissue Paper, Washi Tape

Add the washi tape circles to top of the lollipop.Mike, Monsters University, Eyes, Sharpie, CraftUse a black permanent marker to draw in the pupils. (The washi tape has a bit of wax on the surface. If you use washi tape for the iris of Mike’s eye you’ll need to wipe off the tip of your marker every so often to keep the wax from building up.)

Mike Wazowski, Lollipops, Monsters University, Craft

Your lollipops are now ready for your favorite Monsters University fan!

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