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Personalized Jack-O’-Lantern Tumblers

Easy to make Personalized Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Tumblers

I stopped by Dollar Tree the other day to pick up a window scraper. (Don’t ask.) I spotted a collection of plastic tumblers in their Halloween section and realized they were the perfect size and shape for some vinyl crafting with my SilhouetteUse PicMonkey to design personalized Halloween tumblers you can create with  your Silhouette!My nieces have names with unique spellings. That means they can’t just walk into a gift store and find pre-made accessories. Luckily they have a crafty aunt. I created a personalized Jack-O’-Lantern design using a free overlay in PicMonkey and added their name using the SheCreature font. Tracing ToolsI opened the picture in my Silhouette Studio and traced using the Low Pass Filter to get smooth edges. (Click on the trace menu, select trace area, then click on Low Pass Filter and click off High Pass Filter.) I then cut the design out of black Silhouette vinyl. I used the standard settings and cut with the vinyl on my cutting mat since it was a small design. Vinyl Transfer PaperUsing the Silhouette hook, I weeded everything. Weeding is the process of removing the vinyl that is not part of the design. I then applied transfer tape. After cleaning the tumblers with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue, I lined up my design, removed the backing and applied it to the surface. Personalized Jack-O-Lantern TumblersThe tumblers are ready to use and can stand up to a fair bit of abuse, but…hand washing only is recommended.

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