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Polka Dot Heart Mini Cupcake Wrappers and Flags

Make adorable heart cupcake wrappers and flags with your silhouette!

I’m currently obsessed with cute cupcakes. We could make this a more general statement and say I’m currently obsessed with cupcakes, but that would be really getting off track. That’s because I want to talk about how I made these super cute wrappers and flags. And those cupcakes? Totally store bought. But no one will notice with the super cute wrappers and flags…

Cupcake Wrapper CutsI hacked the reindeer cupcake wrappers I had purchased in the Silhouette store by basically removing the reindeer. You can see a tiny little blemish in the center where I redrew the one section where the reindeer extended beyond the border of the cupcake wrapper. You can’t actually see the blemish when they’re cut since the overlap is on the outside of the wrapper. I pulled in a heart from a different file I had purchased in the Silhouette store.

Since I was making mini cupcakes I had to play around with the dimensions with a scrap piece of paper to get the sizes right. For mini cupcakes you’ll want wrappers that are as close to six inches long as you can get them. Cupcake wrapper insideNow here’s where you can see what a mess I made on the inside. I didn’t realize until after the fact that I wanted to fill in the heart with black paper. If I had known that and if I wanted to be super neat and tidy I would have taken the heart, sized it up a bit and then taped it to the back of the wrapper. Or you can follow my lazy example and just cut a scrap of paper and tape it. Eh…who will notice? Back of cupcake flagI taped the hearts cut from the middle of the wrapper to a toothpick and inserted them in the cupcake. Instant heart flag adorableness. And another lazy crafter confession: I really should have cut extra hearts and taped another heart to the back to finish this off. Ehh…who will notice?
Cupcake wrapper BACKMy party planner friend would want me to point out now that you always hide the tab of the wrapper on the inside when you connect them. Never on the outside. Ever. Got that?Heart Cupcake WrappersSuper cute cupcakes in just a few minutes. And it will still be just a few minutes if you ignore my lazy example and do the black heart inserts neatly and create an extra heart to tape on the back of the flag! But you should definitely buy store bought cupcakes. I mean, really. With cupcakes this cute who will care?

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