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Pony Bead Heart Earrings

Pony Bead Heart EarringsRemember when we made all of those pony bead hearts and you were all, “But what am I gonna do with these pony bead hearts?” I’m back with an idea…perhaps the easiest one of all. We’re going to make earrings! Make easy and fun plastic hearts from Pony Beads! They're a great start to your Valentine's Day crafting projects!Start by looking at your stash of hearts and picking out two of your favorites.
Easy to make pony bead heart earrings! Next you’ll want to grab your jewelry making supplies. Two earrings, two jump rings and some pliers.

Easy to make pony bead heart earrings! Use your drill and a small drill bit to place a hole in each heart near the edge. When you’re doing the second heart you can put the first heart on top to create a small pilot hole to make sure they’re matched.

Easy to make pony bead heart earrings! Now all you have to do is attach the earring finding with a jump ring. Easy peasy. If you’re not the dangly earring type, just use a strong adhesive like E6000 to attach earring posts or clip on post to the hearts. Just as easy! Have I said easy enough? Probably not. These earrings are so easy!

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