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Record Album Bowls

It's easy to make cute bowls with old record albums! I have all of the steps. So I have some old albums. I found a box full of them when I was cleaning out a closet. I also don’t have anywhere to play said albums. Looking through them, only a couple were worth keeping. I was ready to donate the rest on my next trip to the thrift store, when I realized they were crying out for some crafting. You can easily mold a record album by placing it in the oven for a few minutes. It’s actually very easy to turn a record album into a bowl. Start by placing an oven safe bowl on a cookie sheet and placing the album on top. Heat the oven to 200 degrees. In just a few minutes you’ll see the album start to droop.

Use a large oven safe bowl to help shape the melted record album in the shape you want.Once the album is flexible you can turn over the bowl and place the album inside. Place it back in the oven as needed to help mold the album into shape. If anything starts to look a little strange, don’t worry! You can just reheat and reshape. This is totally idiot proof.

Because you’re using a low temperature, the album should be easy to handle. Be very careful, however, to avoid burns when touching the bowl or cookie sheet. You can spray paint the bowl in any color. Leave the album black or have a little fun with color. I played around with my spray paint until I got just the look I wanted. I mixed hot pink, orange, green, and purple.

It's easy to make cute bowls with old record albums! I have all of the steps. In just a few minutes you’ll have a decorative bowl that totally rocks!

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