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Skittles Mosaic Table

Small CB DisclosureSkittles Mosaic Table Top #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shopIt’s a poorly hidden secret that Skittles are my favorite candy. Rumors that coworkers keep hidden Skittles packages in their desks in case I’m in a particularly bad mood one day? Totally true. I also never travel without at least one bag of Skittles on hand at all times. It’s why I never get upset at flight delays…

The Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam’s Club could clearly get me into all kinds of trouble. Yes, it’s huge and perfect for stuffing Easter baskets or sharing with friends and family. Or, if you’re me, perfect for eating all by yourself. Luckily I decided to get my craft on for a few upcoming gift giving occasions. Because as much as I love Skittles, I’m not quite so desperate that I’d peel glue off of them to eat them. And saying I could eat the entire box of Skittles and Starburst by myself? I wish I was joking…

Old Fashioned Table #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shopWhen I first thought about making a mosaic table with Skittles I visited thrift stores. I couldn’t find anything that was just right for my project. I did, however, spot this table at a home goods store. It’s so not my style. But at only $12 I knew a coat of spray paint, Skittles and glue would turn it around!

Plate Of Skittles #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shopThe first step in the project is the hardest. Open the bags of Skittles and try not to eat them. If you can master that you’ve got this.

E6000 to glue Skittles #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shop

Gluing the Skittles to the tabletop is easy, just a bit time consuming. This is a perfect activity to do while watching TV. The glue you use is important. A wet glue like a school glue could create a sticky, runny mess and cause the candy colors to bleed. I used E6000 because it’s strong, has a gel consistency and gives a little time to move the candies around before it sets. I didn’t try to create any type of pattern beyond making sure the same colors weren’t touching each other.

Gloss Spray #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shopAfter the Skittles were set on the table top I gave everything a quick spray with a gloss sealer. This made the candies shiny and gave some additional protection to the table top. Use a spray sealer and a quick, light spray rather than brushing something on. This will keep the candy colors from running.

Shiny Skittles #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shopI picked up a glass top for my table at the local hardware store. They were able to cut the glass for me on site. Since this is a decorative table rather than a table that will receive heavy use, I went with regular glass. If you think your table will go through a little extra wear and tear, spring for the tempered glass. You can use rubber adhesive bumpers to hold the table top in place.

Skittles Tabletop #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shopTotally cute table, right? It’s a perfect gift, too. Who doesn’t love a present made by hand? You can spray paint the table base to match their decor!

Skittles Mosaic Table Top #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shopYou can find the Skittles & Starburst 30 Packs at Sam’s Club! And I know you’re wondering what happened to all of those Starbursts, right? Take a look!

Skittles and Starburst at Sam's Club #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shop

#VIPFruitFlavors #CollectiveBias

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