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Starburst Frame Magnets

Small CB DisclosureStarburst Mini Picture Frame Magnets #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shopDid you know you can mold Starburst Fruit Chews? You totally can. I found this out when making cupcakes years ago. They’re great for decorating things when you’re getting all fancy. I used them to make a duck beak when I had a request from my niece for “pink princess duck cupcakes”. Duck beaks are totally cool, but there’s so much more you can do. I still had plenty on hand from the Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam’s Club I picked up recently. Time to make a few gifts for my friends!

Silicone Frame Mold #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shopI’ve had this silicone frame mold for a while now. I thought it was worth a shot to see if the Starburst could be molded into a mini picture frame.

Starburst #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shop

I started by unwrapping the Starburst and placing them on a plate. I put them in the microwave for about 20 seconds on 50% power. This made them easy to mold. Bonus-warm Starburst are delicious!

Frame with Starburst #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shop

I rolled up the candy and smashed it into the mold. Each frame took two candies. The secret to getting everything perfectly molded? Placing a piece of parchment paper on top and pressing down as hard as I could with the bottom of a glass.

Starburst Frames Out of Mold #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shop

They came out of the mold looking like this. I used an X-ACTO knife to trim off the excess. I then gave them a coat of gloss protective spray finish to help protect them. They’re still a little squishy until they’ve fully dried, so handle with care!

#VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shopI used my printer to print out a few sentiments and inside jokes. You know your friends…you know what will make them smile! I cut a piece of chip board to the size of the frame and then used my tape runner to attach my sayings. I used E600 to attach the chip board to the frame and to attach the magnets to the back of the chip board.

You Are My Sunshine

Now your little frames are ready to gift to someone special!

You can find the Skittles & Starburst 30 Packs at Sam’s Club! Wanna know what I did with all of those Skittles? Check out my Skittles Mosaic Table!

Skittles and Starburst at Sam's Club #VIPFruitFlavors #collectivebias #shop

#VIPFruitFlavors #CollectiveBias

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