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Stenciled Cork Memo Board

Are you a stenciling amateur? It’s OK. I totally am, too. Most of the time when I paint it’s free hand. I’ve stenciled a time or two but I’m honestly not that great at it.

These cool stencils from Handmade Charlotte made me feel like a pro, though! They were super easy to use with my paint from Folk Art.

And it didn’t hurt that I chose cork as my stenciling surface. It’s a great beginners surface since it doesn’t bleed but it takes paint well. I just taped up my cork board with some leftover washi tape to create stripes.
Using my trusty paper plate palette I applied the paint with a 1 1/4″ spouncer.
Now I have a quick and easy base coat of stripes.

Using the spiral bound paper stencil I added four sheets of paper in different colors. The sturdy paper stencils held up great using each one over and over. I just had to allow a little dry time between each color.

To finish it off I outlined the stencils with a black paint pen.

Now I have one handy (and cute) place for all of those little notes I jot down throughout the day!

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