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Super Easy Easter Bunny Purse

Super Easy Easter PurseAfter a shopping spree in the Dollar Spot at Target I was inspired to create this cute little bunny purse. It’s quick and easy-and it’s bunny themed! (As you might have guessed, I’m a fan of bunnies.)

Punny Purse Supplies from the Dollar Spot at Target

The only supplies purchased were a pair of ears, a bunny tail and a small pink purse. The first step in making the purse is a little deconstruction. Remove the bow from the purse and pull the ears off of the headband. I was able to do both of these by hand. Removing the bow from the ears required scissors.

Bunny Tail from Target Dollar Spot

The bunny tail came attached to a small hair clip. The weave of the purse made it easy to just clip on the tail. If you’re using a different style bag, just remove the clip and attach with hot glue.

Easter Bunny Purse BackThe back is super cute, right? But the bunny’s gotta have a face.
Bunny Purse FaceTurn back the raw edge of the bunny ears and secure with hot glue. Use more hot glue to attach the bow, eyes and nose. To create the nose, I cut out a triangle from a piece of black ribbon. I used a lighter to slightly melt the edges to keep them from fraying.

Front and Back of super easy Easter Bunny purse. All from the Dollar Spot at Target! Since I already had scrap ribbon, hot glue and goggly eyes on hand, the total cost of this project was only $3! It’s also crazy quick. Total project time? Under 10 minutes!

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