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Washi Tape iPad Case Update

Washi Tape, iPad CaseI never keep my tech out of a case. I’m too much of a klutz! I had a tough time finding the perfect case that would protect both the front and back of my iPad mini. Luckily I like to shop!

iPad CaseI loved the hot pink, but something about the case I found was just too boring for me. Because it was a smooth, hard surface I knew washi tape would be the perfect way to jazz things up. Washi Tape

I used a variety of different colors and patterns of washi tape to cover the back of the case. I decided to apply the tape in straight lines, but it would have worked just as well and provided a different look if I had applied the tape at an angle.

Washi Tape

It was easy to trim off the excess washi tape going carefully and slowly along the seam of the iPad case with my X-Acto knife.

iPad Case, Washi TapeOnce everything was trimmed it was time to protect the tape to keep it in place while the iPad was in use.

Mod PodgeA few coats of Mod Podge applied with a foam brush and my iPad case was ready to use!


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