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Two Totally 80s Spotify Playlists

SpotifysprintI started out using other streaming music services, but about a year and a half ago I started using Spotify. And I haven’t looked back. Why do I love Spotify? Because it gives me what I want, when I went it. When I hear a song I like, I’ll add it to one of my playlists on Spotify. Since I have a premium Spotify account I can even make my music available offline. That means I can listen anywhere, even when service isn’t available. And I have to have my music. Quiet and I do not get along. When I’m in the office it’s Spotify on, earbuds in. It’s the only way I can get any work done and not be driven slowly insane by the buzz of the florescent lights. At home I have a small army of bluetooth speakers. OK. I have three. I pair my phone to whatever speaker is close at hand so I can play my music out loud. Probably not kid loud…but my age people loud.

Want to check out Spotify for yourself? Sprint has a pretty sweet new offer. You can get 6 months of premium Spotify for free! After that you get the reduced rate of $7.99 for 18 months. Trust me…it’s worth every penny!  To celebrate the special offer, I’m sharing two of my favorite playlists. Playlists that will tell you far too much about me. (Or at least give you a pretty good idea of my age…)

That’s right. 41 tracks of 80s awesomeness. I’m bringing back 80s ribbon barrettes. Why not have a solid soundtrack to go with them? Actually, speaking of ribbon barrettes and this playlist, I’m feeling a distinct lack of music from the Xanadu soundtrack. I might need to remedy that in the near future. If you’re reading this and the playlist has more than 41 tracks you’ll know why…

And this jewel? 15 versions of Take On Me. 15 versions. There are actually more than that, but I just haven’t gotten around to adding them all yet. In addition to the 80s classic version from A-Ha, you’ll find a ska version, a bluegrass version, a bossa nova version, a heavy metal version… I think you get the picture. The funny thing? They’re actually all pretty good. That just goes to show you how kind of amazing that song is, right?

So what are your favorite playlists? I’m ready to add some new tunes to my account!

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