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Two Weeks With Invisalign

InvisalignTuesday marked two weeks of Invisalign. That meant it was time to change to my second set of trays. One set down, 24 more to go…

The first set of aligners weren’t too bad once I got used to them. The first week was definitely a challenge. I did end up going back to my orthodontist to have an attachment fixed. He also smoothed out the edges of my lower tray for me. I was invited to stop by the office any time I tried on new trays if they had any sharp edges. (Although he did say using a nail file was just fine.)

By the second week the trays were just a normal part of my routine. They weren’t keeping me awake at night and I had finally gotten used to the feel of them in my mouth. Taking them out was easy. Of course then I had to go to Chicago for BlogHer and things were a little challenging. The conference and surrounding events involved lots of eating and drinking, but rarely any sit down meals. I found myself constantly popping the aligners in and out as I ran from place to place. It’s hard to be subtle while you’re doing this.

Now that I’m on the second set of trays I’m back to feeling a little pain. It’s not bad. Just as with the first set the first day felt tight, the second day was sore. Today’s the third day and the soreness is dying down. I weaned myself off my orthodontic wax habit. (It made the aligners difficult to clean.) I also noticed that the trays felt less sharp and needed less smoothing. (I think that was mostly just getting used to having them in.)

For now I think I’m set until my next visit to the orthodontist. That will be when I pick up my fifth set of aligners. (And then it will be just 20 more to go…)


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