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Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Roundup

Get your spring cleaning inspiration with this roundup of helpful tips!
I actually know a few people who love to clean. That is definitely not my story. I love a clean house…I just don’t love actually doing the work. That’s why I’m always looking for a good tip to help me make it a little easier.

I took up the advice of some blogging friends to create a roundup of their sage spring cleaning advice:

Ten Spring Cleaning Hacks

Tips for the Unorganized

Ten Places to Clean

Spring Cleaning Survival Guide

Five Tips to Kickstart Spring Cleaning

Make Money Spring Cleaning

How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Spring Cleaning Bathrooms

Spring Cleaning Daily Tasks Schedule

Of course I have a little advice of my own…

Bona Power Plus

Get the right products for the job. Bona Power Plus products were designed with your busy household in mind.

Bona PadThe cleaning solution and the pad have deep cleaning action that gets into the grooves and creases of your floors. Dirt, now, dust…whatever you find on your hardwoods. You can also save $3 when you become a BonaFide Fanatic.


As The Bunny Hops®