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A Visit To Austenland

I had the chance to attend a screening of Austenland two weeks ago. Today it received it’s official release in the Triangle. (You can catch it at the Chelsea Theater.)

Austenland is the story of Jane Hayes (played by Keri Russell), a Pride and Prejudice obsessed woman who spends her life savings on a Jane Austen themed vacation. In July there was a special screening of Austenland during BlogHer, and I confess to being more than a little broken hearted I wasn’t able to attend. Now that I have had the chance to see them film my only lingering heartbreak is not getting one of the I ♥ Mr Darcy totes they were giving out in Chicago. (What can I say? I might have a tiny Pride and Prejudice obsession myself…)

Austenland StillAustenland is silly. You’ll gigggle. It has Jennifer Coolidge. If nothing else makes you laugh, she will. (At least she always makes me laugh.) It’s a light and frothy movie, perfect for a girl’s night. And make sure you stay until the very end…the credits just might be the best part!

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