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Washi Tape Lampshade

This post was sponsored by OSRAM SYLVANIA as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary merchandise to facilitate my review.

Washi Tape Lampshade LampI’m obsessed with lamps and lighting. This, despite the fact that my friends joke constantly about how dark I like to keep my house. It’s not that I love the dark. I just love perfect lighting, and I’m on a constant hunt for ways to get it just right. I need things light and bright when I’m shooting photos for the blog. I like things nice and dark when I’m watching movies. Lamps and dimmers are everywhere to help me accomplish this.

When  I was invited to try out LIGHTIFY as a way to perfectly control the lighting in my home, I also knew I had an excuse to craft up a new lamp. Well, technically I bought the lamp…but I did make the cute little washi tape lampshade for it!

Starting Lampshade

To make a washi tape lampshade, you’ll need:

  • lampshade
  • washi tape
  • decoupage medium
  • foam brush
  • scissors

It’s really just a mater of creating stripes on your shade with washi tape. Skip around to different areas of the shade before you start to fill in. Your tape lines will get a bit wonky otherwise.

Lampshade In Progress

And don’t worry if it looks a little weird. It really doesn’t come together until everything is filled in. If you see something you don’t like? Just cover it up!

Lamp Shade DryingTo finish it all off, give everything a coat of decoupage medium to seal the washi tape. I used gloss, but if you don’t like the look of gloss, any finish will work.

Lamp On

It looks just as cute with the light on or off!

Lamp In Living RoomAnd nothing brings more character into a room or serves a more practical purpose than lighting!
Lightify Gateway

Of course LIGHTIFY smart connected lighting products allow you to get custom lighting with no DIY necessary. (Although you should still try the lampshade since it’s pretty easy.) The smart bulbs let you set up the exact atmosphere you want, indoors or out. Download the LIGHTIFY app, scan the gateway’s unique QR code, then sync up your bulbs. The app walks you through everything, so even if you’re an instructions ignorer like me, you’ll be set.
App InterfaceUsing the app, you can turn the lights on and off, adjust the brightness and warmth…you can even set up a schedule for your lighting-perfect for when  you travel. Depending on which products you use, you can even select fun colors for your lighting to create an all new mood.

You can get a quick idea of what LIGHTIFY can do in the video. Everything in the video is controlled via the app!

Lightify ColorsThe ideas are limitless. Set up your lighting to cool tones when it’s time to wake up. Select warmer lighting at night. Create fun and colorful party lighting. As long as you have a wireless connection, you can add as many light sources as you want (up to 50) throughout your house. Set up groups via the app to adjust multiple light sources at once. Lightify products also work with other smart home systems. Best of all? No electrician needed!

Office LightingCheck out the before and eight (of many) afters I was able to create in my office! You can find LIGHTIFY from OSRAM SYLVANIA at Lowes and on Amazon. Or…one of you will win a Lightify starter kit and $50 Amazon gift card right here! Contest entrants are only eligible to win once per sweepstakes, per household as part of a campaign sponsored by Influence Central. Good luck!

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