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Washi Tape Pony Bead Hearts

Washi Tape Pony Bead HeartsBack when you made all of those pony bead hearts, a few of them might have turned out…less than pretty. It’s OK. You can always remelt. Or you can give them an extreme heart makeover. We going the makeover route today. And we’re keeping it simple with washi tape. Make easy and fun plastic hearts from Pony Beads! They're a great start to your Valentine's Day crafting projects!The white opaque pony beads were my craft fail. That’s OK. It made them the perfect victim for my washi experimentation.

Washi Tape Pony Bead HeartsAfter a little trial and error, I discovered that the hearts looked best with just one type of washi tape. Otherwise it was pretty straight forward. Place on tape, wrap around the edges. You’ll need to make one little cut in the tape on the very top to work around the curves, but otherwise you can just manipulate the tape as you go. You should also give up on trying to make the backs look pretty. Not unlike “fetch”,  it’s just not going to happen. That makes these hearts perfect for scrapbooking and card making.

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