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Washi Tape Pumpkins

Washi Pumpkin Glossed

I’m not going to pretend any more that putting washi tape on everything isn’t my favorite things to do. I can’t help myself. I see a blank surface and I want to washi it. Clearly the appearance of papier-mâché pumpkins meant that washi tape pumpkins couldn’t be far behind… Washi Pumpkin Supplies

All that you need for this project are the pumpkin form, washi tape and decoupage medium.

Starting Pumpkin

Rip off small pieces of washi tape and position them randomly over the pumpkin form.

Washi Pumpkin in Progress

Continue to add washi tape to the pumpkin until it’s completely covered.

Washi Tape Pumpkin Before Gloss

Once you’ve gotten a fully covered pumpkin, brush on decoupage medium.

Washi Tape Pumpkin Mod Podge

You can use any type, but I always love the appearance of gloss over washi tape. Washi Tape Pumpkin Finished

Make sure you smooth out and rough spots or places where the washi tape has curled up.

Easy DIY Washi Tape Pumpkins

Once dry, your washi tape pumpkins are ready to display!


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