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Welcome To The Keanussance: Keanu Reeves Is Duke Caboom

©2019 Disney/Pixar

If you ever had a toy that did something amazing in commercials that didn’t live up to the hype in real life, you’ve experienced the disappointment that follows Toy Story 4′s Duke Caboom. It turns out that Canada’s greatest stuntman wasn’t able to complete the awesome tricks shown in his ad. Keanu Reeves lends his voice to the character who poses with confidence and swagger, but still manages to be just a bit of a crybaby. “What’s wrong with that?” asks Reeves. “I think that there’s a bit of Duke Caboom in all of us.” 

Toy Story 4 Press Junket Josh Cooley, Christina Hendricks, Tim Allen, Keanu Reeves

Reeves was honored to be invited to the cast of Toy Story 4. “I knew that working with Pixar, and being with these characters and these performers, that I was getting a chance to be a part of something that’s legendary.” As for his specific character, “Pixar gave me a great character with Duke Caboom.”

©2019 Disney•Pixar

Duke Caboom is a proud Canadian, and according to Producer Mark Nielsen, he was animated by a fully Canadian Pixar team. They even flew the Canadian flag at the Pixar campus when they were shooting his sequences. 

Toy Story 4 Press Junket Josh Cooley, Christina Hendricks, Tim Allen and Keanu Reeves

With the recent John Wick 3, an scene stealing cameo in Always Be My Maybe, and now his turn in Toy Story 4, we’re definitely in a full-fledged Keanussance. Will more comedy roles be in is future? “I hope so,” Reeves says. “I’m glad to be here. And I’m glad to be having a revival.”

Toy Story 4 is in theaters on June 21, 2019. 

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