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WellieWishers-Inspired Garden Rocks

Thank you to American Girl for providing the doll and accessories featured in this post.

WellieWishers Painted Rocks

Have you seen the WellieWishers from American Girl? These dolls and accessories are designed for girls ages 5 to 7. WellieWishers friends Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille like to imagine and play in their enchanted neighborhood garden. That was the inspiration for my WellieWisher-inspired Garden Rocks! This is a kid-friendly project, although it will require adult supervision.

Willa WellieWishers

Each 14 1/2 inch WellieWisher dolls comes wearing their own adorable pair of Wellies.

Willa WellieWishers Face

Even though they’re smaller in size, they still have the classic American Girl doll hair. There’s even a cute ladybug brush available.

Bunny Carrot and Hutch

My favorite accessory, however, was Carrot, the plush bunny. How can you not love that sweet face? Plus, he comes with his own hut and mini accessories!

Painted Rocks

To make your own WellieWishers-inspired garden rocks, you’ll just need some polished stones and paint pens. Take a peek at the WellieWishers dolls and accessories and you’re sure to find your own inspiration.

WellieWishers-Inspired Garden Rocks

There are plenty of easy to paint options you can choose from. Here you can spot Willa’s hedgehog t-shirt and ladybug boots, along with Carrot’s carrot, Camille’s fish boots and the bumble bee from the garden party set.

WellieWishers Inspiration

Although many paint pens are non-toxic, most are considered permanent. When creating these garden rocks with children you’ll want to make sure they’re well supervised and wearing clothing that it’s OK to get dirty!

WellieWishers Inspired Garden Rocks


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